are you prompting your network marketing prospect to ask you unwanted questions

I hear it time and time again. My prospect keeps asking me the same question and I do not know how to answer it. The only reason your network marketing prospect it asking these questions is because you prompted them to. If you follow a guideline to your conversation with your prospect these questions will never come up.
Most of the questions that I hear from other people that come up are how much are you making? This question only came up because something you said made them ask it. Maybe you said something like this opportunity is helping people make thousands of dollars! So naturally they want to ask you how much are you making? If this comes up I politely ask them can you spend my money? I would never ask a prospect how much money they make and they should never ask me how much I make. I recommend using a script but not following the script verbatim. Most scripts follow along a guide line. Most of the network marketing trainers like Tim Sales,Betty Carmichael, and others use scripts. If you follow the script correctly you should never get those unwanted questions that most network marketers dread.
Another good suggestion is to record your conversations with your prospects to see what your saying to prompt these questions. When you record your conservations with your prospects you can really get an idea of how these conversations going and put yourself in the prospects shoes. You’ll be amazed at how much a difference recording your conversations and fixing them can have an effect on your phone skills. The two things I recommend to having effect phone calls with prospects is to use a script of some kind and record your conversations. This should be an end to those unwanted questions!

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